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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

At Connoisseur Carpet Care, we offer complete domestic carpet cleaning in Norwich and the surrounding area. No matter what type of carpet you have in your home, we can get it back to looking its radiant best again thanks to our modern equipment, specialist treatments, and skilled operatives. We're proud of the level of service we provide and all of our professional carpet cleaning services are carried out in your home with maximum care and the minimum amount of disruption.

Domestic carpet cleaning Norwich-wide

Domestic carpets can see a lot of use and sometimes abuse. Over time the accumulation of walked-in dirt, spillages, stains and/or pet stains can leave your carpets looking pretty jaded. Not only that, but soiled carpets tend to give off a smell that permeates the home. While some commercial carpet shampoos are fine for getting rid of small blemishes or stains, over-use can result in discolouration and leave your carpets looking patchy at best. This is where we come in.

Effective and long-lasting results

At Connoisseur Carpet Care we know that not all carpets can be cleaned in the same way, which is why we deploy a variety of carpet cleaning methods based on the type of fabric, colour and state of your carpets. We offer hot water extraction cleaning, compound cleaning and low moisture carpet cleaning to achieve the optimum results, leaving your carpets looking and smelling beautifully fresh! And thanks to our low moisture cleaning, you can start enjoying your carpets again right away.

Decades of experience

When you choose Connoisseur Carpet Care for domestic carpet cleaning in Norwich, you're in good hands. We have decades of experience and training and will match your carpet to the right cleaning method to achieve the best cleaning results every time. We're confident you'll love what we can do for your carpets while being pleasantly surprised by our very reasonable rates. To find out more or for a free, no obligation quote, give us a call today.

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