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Upholstery & Hard Floor Cleaning


Upholstery cleaning is the most problematic of all cleaning methods, due to the variety of fabric used, fabric blends, fabric construction, fillers, dyes, and suite construction. We will survey your suite before cleaning to fnd the most suitable cleaning method, to assure you of a profession clean.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Whether it is vinyl, lino, tile or stone, connoisseur can clean and restore your flooring. We can offer a clean to remove the surface dirt or a major strip back and repolishing service.

Here at Connoisseur we offer a range of upholstery and hard floor cleaning services in Norwich and the surrounding areas. Our team of highly professional, dedicated and friendly staff have years of experience in the cleaning industry, both in the commercial and domestic settings.

Upholstery cleaning Norwich

Many homeowners and commercial businesses choose to use the services of a professional cleaner for tackling their upholstery. It's important to use the correct product and to apply the correct cleaning method to your type and blend of material. Different cleaning methods are used depending upon the fabric, dye, and blend of fabric. We carry out an assessment on all upholstery cleaning jobs, giving you peace of mind.

One off or contract cleans

We provide a range of upholstery cleaning services to suit your needs. We can do a one off clean, plus we offer contract cleans to the commercial sector. This is particularly useful for the hospitality industry where upholstery encounters some heavy use.

Hard floor cleaning Norwich

We provide a range of hard floor cleaning services. They include a full floor clean, restoration service and full floor polish. When you have young children and animals, your hard floors soon show signs of wear and tear and can be difficult to clean with your usual sweeping brush, vacuum and household cleaners.

Our full clean tackles tough stains and ground in dirt, meaning your hard floors will look like new. Our cleaning team use the very latest in cleaning technology to tackle that stubborn dirt.

Strip back and repolishing service

We also provide a professional restoration service in which hardwood floors are stripped back and then repolished. This service is ideal when your hardwood floor has become heavily scratched and marked over the years.

All types of hard flooring

We can clean all hard flooring, including vinyl, tile, wood, lino, tile and even stone. Our cleaners and technicians have the correct tools and training to clean your hard floors efficiently and to make them look like new.

To learn more about our hard floor and upholstery cleaning in Norwich services, then please do give us a call today.

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